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Welcome to my Website      

Jessie Diane Wyatt   
Wellness Coach

 B.S. Holistic Health
EFT Practitioner–EFT CERT I 

I consider it a privilege to guide clients on a gentle healing journey using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  EFT is the most effective tool I've found and my clients have had amazing results on a wide range of problems and issues.

My degree in Holistic Health and
training in energy modalities, combined with my own personal experience of dealing with emotional and physical pain all provide me with the background and compassion to assist and support you in your quest for Wellness.  Although I may suggest other holistic therapies, EFT is the primary tool I use simply because it works so well.

EFT uses the subtle energy system in your body for healing.  Once your energy system is unblocked and balanced you are liberated to heal physically and emotionally.

For more information about EFT and my experience using EFT, go to my More about EFT page,  where you can download a free EFT manual. Another great resource with many free articles and information is: http://www.eftuniverse.com/ 

For a great video introduction to EFT, go to Youtube video and search on EFT Basics. 

                                    Consultation Services:  

EFT sessions:
EFT sessions are generally 60 minutes.
For more information please click on the Navigation link to "More about EFT".

EFT Workshops:
I teach "Intro to EFT" workshops as well as EFT workshops geared towards specific issues such as Financial and Money Stresses and Emotional Eating. For workshop Dates & Times, Please email me. I also train professionals who want to incorporate EFT into their healing practice.

EFT Phone Sessions:
In order to assist people who live too far away to come for a face-to-face consultation, I’ve found it very effective to work with people in phone sessions.  After completing and emailing me a New Client Information form, we'll arrange a time for the phone consultation.  

                                                         CONTACT ME:

By email:  jessiewyatt@msn.com
Glenside, PA 19038

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the services I offer. 

References available upon request

Please note: I am not qualified to offer  medical advice nor is my intent to replace medical treatment.  My passion is to share and educate others about the many alternative therapies which can complement and aid in healing. I consider healing to be my calling and am ordained as part of a Healing Ministry with the Many Paths Ministry. 

To read an interview of me in the Chestnut Hill Local Newspaper:


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